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Vulnerable Hearts- The Craving for Mercy

Made in God’s image we all crave love and the tender compassion and mercy of our Creator. Pope Francis and Oscar Romero show us how to imitate Christ, and challenge us to reach out in merciful comforting compassion to those longing for God’s tender embrace. It is the embrace of the Father for his Prodigal Son. It is an evangelizing embrace of grace that inspires thankfulness, and joyful conversion and repentance.

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St. Patrick’s Breastplate

“The Deer’s Cry”, attributed to St Patrick, is known by several names: “The Breastplate of St Patrick” and “Lorica” to mention two. It is a beautiful prayer celebrating a God who lives with his children, guiding them, sheltering them, strengthening them. A God who is with us and in us through his Creation. In 1994 Irish composer Shaun Davey put a section of the Breastplate to some wonderful music in his CD “The Pilgrim”. If you like Celtic music you will treasure this CD. This video attempts to enhance Shaun Davey’s music with some relevant images. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY




(adapted by Concord Pastor)

Good and gracious God,

Give me friends who love me for who I am,
to love in return with all my heart…

Keep burning before my faltering steps
the light you hold on the path I walk…

Keep strong in my heart what faith I have
and help me deepen my trust in you…

May I ever be grateful for the life that’s mine
and lean on you when times are hard…

Make me joyful in all the gifts that are mine
and quick to share with those in need…

May I rise every morning to do your will
and may twilight find me peaceful and still…