Summary of Bishop Paul-Andre’s Synod Intervention

Delegations of Bishops from around the world are gathered in Rome for the Eucharistic Synod. Our Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall is one of the delegate Bishops from Canada. On October 4, 2005, he delivered this message:

“The Cross of Christ, formed of a trunk and a beam, recalls the two dimensions of His salvific death: vertical, the glorification of the Father, horizontal, the salvation of humanity… . The doxological and missionary dimensions need to be developed in cultivating the art of celebration, while remaining attentive to the possibilities of praise and openess already present in the heart of the liturgy, to the development of new prayer formulae, new prefaces, and a new closing rite. All this should be done with the aim of finally realizing in the celebration what the cross of the procession already symbolizes” Although I haven’t had time to thoroughly read all the different speeches , a quick scanning of the events left me with a profound feeling of a church which reflects, and reaches out in faith to the many and diverse needs of humanity around the world. For a summary of this weeks events in Rome go to the Vatican Summary for October 3rd, and 4th.You might also visit ZENIT, as it is providing a summary, as well.For ongoing daily updates go to Vatican Press Service, you might have to search a little here to find the Synod.

Another excellent site is ‘View from Rome’

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