Free Reflection on ‘Deus Caritas’

Ave Maria Press is offering free of charge a new web resource called Exploring Deus Caritas Est. This is a four-part discussion resource written to help small groups and individuals explore the major themes of Pope Benedict’s first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, “God is Love.”

The author of this resource, Anthony Garascia, is a pastoral minister in South Bend, Indiana, parish and long-time marriage and family counselor. He is the author of Before “I Do”, Catholic Remarriage: A Workbook for Couples, and Getting Married, Living Together: A Guide for Engaged Couples, all published by Ave Maria Press.

Exploring Deus Caritas Est is found at The first session is available for download now as a PDF. The remaining three sessions become available during the next couple of weeks. A complete schedule of release dates is available on the web site.

This may be a good self-directed retreat for individuals and small groups.
Ave Maria Press (Find in downloads at this link)

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