Bishop Robinson – Heretic, Radical, or Prophet?


THE Catholic Church is still not serious about confronting sexual abuse, only “managing” it, according to the Sydney bishop who headed Australian efforts to tackle abuse.

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson says the Catholic Church needs to reverse 2000 years of teaching on sex and power as part of radical reforms from the Pope down.

While it (Catholic Church) refuses to look at some fundamental teachings — including sex outside marriage, women priests, homosexuality and papal power — the culture that produced and protected abusers will continue, he says.

These explosive claims — unprecedented for a bishop — are in a book he wrote  (just published): Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church.

Bishop Robinson, age 70, who himself was abused as a child, spoke about his  life and beliefs on Australian Broadcasting Corporation at the end of August.  Some say he is a heretic, others think he is a radical mis-content, and others consider him a prophet. If you would like to read or hear his account of the book and why he wrote it, go to this link for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Bishop Robinson Mp3

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