Lies and now more lies.


Originally posted Oct 5th, and updated on October 19th, 2007

I just read an article in the New York Times about secret documents that allow and condone abhorrent interrogation practices which can only be described as torture.

First we hear from President Bush about Iraq’s weapons of Mass Destruction. Then we find out that we were really being manipulated and lied too by this government.

For years I have heard the President vehemently deny any manner of torture. But if the New York Times has got it right, this was one big lie too.

It seems we have entered into the era of ultra-relativism: Do whatever you believe works, keep it secret, and lie if need be. (More commonly known as the end justifies the means.) Now isn’t this a grand way to build public trust and confidence, gain international support, and foster freedom, democracy, and human rights. What a mess! New York Times


Update: Sr. Joan deals with this issue: From where I stand, torture is too unreliable an item to build the morality, the credibility, the integrity of a church — or a nation — on it. Read full article

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