Lent Is Not Just About You and Me, or
The Here and the Now,
It Is About Our Eternal Destiny!


Lent is a time to take a serious look at one’s relationship with God. It is a time to train ourselves to more earnestly seek God through reflection, prayer, and sacrifice. Some miss the whole point of lent by turning it into a time of self-improvement or self-realization, missing the whole point of lent which is union with God. It is not just about now, but eternity. Example: We fast not to lose weight, but to become less attached to the things of this mortal world, and to more fully enter into the mystery of God’s love for us and God’s ways.
This year lent is early. It begins this Wednesday, February 6th, (Ash Wednesday), a day on which Catholics cut back on their food (fasting), and abstain from meat (abstinence). It is a day on which we anoint our selves with ashes, and remember that we are dust and to dust we shall return. Ash Wednesday is a day to really give thanks that dust is not the end.
As Christians, we know, in faith, that the dust of death is really a beginning. During lent we remember that we have been saved from death’s terrible fate by Jesus, the Son of God. Lent is a time to appreciate God’s love for us, and to deepen our union to the God who created us, became one of us, and died for us.
Let us pray for each other as we journey through lent together, and join our own sufferings to the Cross of Christ for the world’s salvation.

Ash Wednesday Mass will be at 7:00pm – St. Mary’s

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