Afghanistan – One big complicated jigsaw puzzle

If the people of Canada are like me, they really don’t know what is best for Afghanistan. There are so many conflicting pieces of information that it is like a giant jig-saw puzzle that seems impossible to figure out and put together. About two and a half weeks ago the Canadian bishops called for more transparency, but I don’t think our government heard them:

Referring to the Manley Report, Archbishop Weisgerber stated that the Canadian government needs to show greater transparency on the Afghanistan conflict. “More complete and reliable information from the government will help Canadian citizens better understand the objective, the questions and the conditions involved in the Afghanistan conflict, and also how to evaluate the engagement there of Canadian armed forces and humanitarian agencies,” the CCCB President stated. “This information is essential if all Canadians are to be involved in making decisions that can lead to real and lasting peace in that country.”

Let us hope that in the weeks and months ahead more clarity is given to this issue, as our troops are there for the next four years.

Here is a link to the full statement by Archbishop Weisgerber.

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