Aliens, UFO’s, God, and Us.

It seems as if there is an international effort to respond to those that have seen a UFO, and believe in aliens from outer space. Recently France, Belgium, and the U.K., and a few other countries have released or are about to release their secret dossiers on this very subject. This week the Vatican waded into this highly controversial topic on May 14 with an interview in L’Osservatore Romano with Fr. Funes S.J., the director of the Vatican Observatory. Why Now? Maybe it is to counter all the debate out there and prove that there is really nothing, or maybe, just maybe, there really is proven life in outer space, and we are not alone. If you would like to hear what Fr. Funes had to say, and you may be surprised, here is a link to the CNS which covered the story. Better still, here is a translation of the interview on

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