Fr. Gary Ostler – Remembered by Monsignor Rudy Villeneuve


Monsignor Rudy Villeneuve was born on Christmas Day 1923, and ordained to the priesthood on May 31, 1947 to serve as a priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. After suffering minor stroke a few years ago, he retired as pastor of St. Joseph’s Parish in Lancaster, Ontario.

But, Fr. Rudy didn’t really retire. Ever zealous in his priestly ministry, he joined Fr. Gary Ostler, as Fr. Gary began his second term as pastor at St. Columban’s Parish, the largest parish in the Diocese, and situated in the downtown core of Cornwall, Ontario. Like all large inner-city parishes, the pastoral needs are many and perpetual, Along with Fr. Matthew Brunet, (ordained 2006), Fr. Rudy worked side by side with Fr. Gary and Fr. Matthew in responding to the spiritual needs of the parishioners.

It should be mentioned that Fr. Rudy was and inspirational figure and mentor in Fr. Gary’s life. As pastor,years earlier, he new the Ostler family and the young man Gary. And, it was Fr. Rudy that inspired and encouraged Gary during his journey to ordination on September 9, 1972.

On Thursday morning May 29th, their journey together ended. Fr. Gary died at 3am in the morning from complications of surgery and a massive stroke. His brother, Fr. David Ostler was at his bedside at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

On Sunday, May 31st, Monsignor Rudy Villeneuve remembered his good friend and brother priest in his homily, and at 2pm, he and Fr. Matthew celebrated the liturgy that celebrated Fr. Gary’s return for visitation and prayer. His funeral was celebrated the next day at 10am.

Listen to Monsignor Rudy’s Homily on Sunday, May 31, 2008 at St. Columban’s in which he remembered the life of this wonderful priest.

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