One of the more popular videos on the Internet from the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, City was from June 19th – Catechesis by the most Reverend Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Bishop of Imus, Philippines.


“The Church however must also constantly examine its fidelity to Jesus’sacrifice of obedience to God and compassion for the poor. Like those who opposed Jesus in the name of authentic religion, we could be blind to God and neighbors because of self righteousness, spiritual pride and rigidity of mind. Ecclesiastical customs and persons, when naively and narrowly deified and glorified, might become hindrances to true worship and compassion. I am disturbed when some people who do not even know me personally conclude that my being a bishop automatically makes me closer to God than they could ever be. My words are God’s words, my desires are God’s, my anger is God’s, and my actions are God’s.If I am not cautious, I might just believe it and start demanding the offerings of the best food and wine, money, car, house, adulation and submission. After all, I am “God!” I might take so much delight in my stature and its benefits that I might end up being callous to the needs of the poor and the earth.”

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Complete talk in print:

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  1. Dear Father Bob,

    Unfortunately, I missed the talk by Bishop Tagle, when I volunteered to help set up St. Matthew’s tent for the reception given for religious men and women.

    I have been searching the internet hoping to get the talks of the Bishops, but especially this one. What a nice surprise to find your “corner” with the talk I missed.
    Thank you for making this available. I could see why everyone I met spoke so highly of this presentation. There was much here on which to meditate.

    It was a great week, wasn’t it?

    Sr. Eleanor


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