‘Order of Canada’ Recognizes Dr. Morgentaler – A Sad Day For Canada

This morning’s ‘Globe and Mail’ had this to say about Dr. Morgentaler’s Award from the Order of Canada:

The debate that Dr. Morgentaler came to symbolize in Canada was not simply about abortion, but about what kind of abortion – procedures provided in the relative safety of a hospital or clinic, or the equivalent as provided in back alleys? The liberty of women to make their own decisions regarding reproduction is not a small victory, and it has had an enormous impact on Canadian women and Canadian society. A failure to have recognized Dr. Morgentaler’s critical role in advancing the health and liberty of women would have been timid – especially as it applies to a man of such courage and conviction. (Globe & Mail – July 2, 2008)

I would have preferred the ‘timid’ and not given the award to Dr. Morgentaler. For those that do not recognize the presence of human life before birth, or believe that it is solely a woman’s choice, and that the unborn have no rights, this is indeed a victory for Abortion. But for Canadians who recognize human life in the womb and the human rights of the unborn, this is a very sad day in Canada.

There is no denying that Morgentaler is courageous and a man of conviction when it comes to believing that the unborn are not human and have no rights, but it seems to me to be irresponsible to give this award to him. How many teenagers and young women will decide that abortion is the right thing for them based upon the grounds that Canadians must think so. After all, didn’t Canada award Dr. Morgentaler, the order of Canada? WE DON’T ALL THINK SO! IN FACT, WE VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE ON THE GROUNDS THAT ABORTION IS TAKING A HUMAN LIFE. IT IS KILLING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING! This is what many believe, and for the ‘Order of Canada’ to ignore this fact is irresponsible, and tarnishes the award in my eyes, as well as, I believe the eyes of many others.

This statement doesn’t diminish in anyway my concerns for the health and liberty of women. I am fully committed to both, just as I am for the health and liberty of the unborn. Dr. Morgentaler’s courage and conviction come at great cost – the lives of others. Yes, indeed, this is a sad day for our country, and a time to renew our efforts and convictions on behalf of the health and liberty of All, not just some.

2 thoughts on “‘Order of Canada’ Recognizes Dr. Morgentaler – A Sad Day For Canada

  1. a sad day for canada. We really need to pray for our country. The Doctor of deceit has convinced even the learned that his motive behind all this is all about the women he feels so deeply about. Time to call a spade a spade. An Ottawa newspaper, a few years ago, estimated a gross 11 million revenue from the proceeds of the abortion clinics annually. A huge load indeed to expect of us taxpayers for this deceitful cause. Come on now; some of the reasons Mortgentaler presents for his actions and the reasons he says he beleives a great number of Canadians are in disagreement are ridiculous. Are we really supposed to be so slow witted that we should beleive this. No wonder we are the subject of much ridicule. Is there not anyone out there that we can put in these office of decision with an ounce of wisdom.


  2. Fr. Bob forgot to mention that apart from the moral and ethical issue, there is also the fact that many thousands FUTURE CANADIAN CITIZENS have been eliminated by the actions of Dr. Morgentaler and that, at a time, when Canadian deaths are outnumbering Canadian births by a large margin. I thought that the Order of Canada was reserved for individuals who worked for life and growth, not for death and the demise of their own country.

    Bertha Popel


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