First Day in Switzerland

The six hour flight from Montreal to Zurich was uneventful and ordinary, but the short flight from Zurich to Geneva was a blur of people, rushing crowds,moving sidewalks, and even a short underground train ride with passengers transferring to various flights crammed body to body in what looked like Toronto or Montreal Metro subway cars. People rushed from the cars onto the platform to security inspection lines in a frenzied blur when we arrived at the dis-embarking station. Most seemed to know where they were going, but I had no idea whether or not I was at the right transfer station. Fortunately, luck was with me, and I was at the right place and made my connection just in time. The flight to Geneva only took 30 minutes on a flight heading for Moscow. After a fretful 20 minute wait for my baggage from Montreal. I was sure my baggage would be delayed, but it magically appeared and I was through customs in two minutes. I was greeted by my sister (Louise) and brother-in-law. Bert (brother-in-law) said a quick word of welcome as he was heading Khazistan for four days.

In about twenty minutes my sister and I were at her beautiful condo in Morges. After lunch we did a little shopping – mostly to pickup a few items I had not been able to bring with me. We did a quick run through of a store called Hornbach’s ( similar to Home Depot) to look at European Appliances. European Appliances tend to be better designed to fit in small spaces etc… wish this was the case in Canada. Here are a couple of pictures at Hornbach’s.

Imported Photos 00013

Imported Photos 00014

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