A Difficult Prayer

Today is the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. When I read this prayer by this holy man, the founder of the Jesuits, I became very uncomfortable. Could I pray this prayer, I pondered? Yes, I thought, but parts of it I would not really mean. In fact, I would be praying just the opposite in the next breath.

Everything that we are and have is a gift from God. Ultimately, all that is really important is God’s love and God’s grace, but in this mortal world of flesh and blood my liberty, memory, understanding are very important to me.

This prayer is about imitating Jesus, and forsaking all, but I must say that I have a long way to go yet. How about you?

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty
my memory
my understanding
and my entire will ?
all that I have and call my own.
You have given it all to me.
To you, Lord, I return it.
Everything is yours;
do with it what you will.
Give me only your love and your grace.
That is enough for me.

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