See Through the Eyes of Faith and Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to take the time to explore and count. our blessings, so look around and I am sure that you will find more things to be thankful for than you ever thought possible. Life is such a glorious gift, and when it is lived with the love of God in our hearts all that we see and do in life is transformed. Bishop Fulton Sheen said something many years ago that will help me explain:

To materialists this world is opaque like a curtain; nothing can be seen through it. A mountain is just a mountain, a sunset just a sunset; but to poets, artists, and saints, the world is transparent like a window pane – it tells of something beyond….a mountain tells of the Power of God, the sunset of His Beauty, and the snowflake of His Purity.
– Bishop Fulton Sheen


Faith opens our hearts to see beyond the here and now to the eternal. Living in faith makes the eternal present, and when we see and realize eternity in the here and now, everything is changed and transformed, and our hearts grow thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

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