The Ladies of St. Mary’s Host Their Annual Tea

For as long as anyone can remember the Ladies’ Guild of St. Mary’s Parish have held a tea in November. At one time, before the parish had a suitable hall, the tea was held in private homes. In those days, women from the parish would volunteer to host this annual event, and the women of the parish would bring their fine china, silver teapots and cutlery to serve tea, home baked cakes, cookies, squares, and special party sandwiches. Today, many years later, the Ladies’ Guild still sponsors the event in our small parish hall, and numerous women still provide the baked goods and sandwiches. (Years ago the Guild acquired the fine dishes to serve the tea.)

Collage of Guild Tea 2008

The event now incorporates a baked goods and crafts sale, and the money raised is used to maintain the projects of the Guild. The most marvellous aspect of the tea, however, is the tea itself. Women from the local community and surrounding area gather to socialize and share their stories. In an era of fast food. and constant rush, it is wonderful to go back in time to an era when people gathered just to chat and to enjoy a quiet afternoon together, and of course,  in the regal splendour of fine china and silver. 

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