Taking It Easy

December 3rd was a scary day for me. At about 3:30 in the afternoon I developed heavy chest pain. Since I often experience muscle spasms even in the chest, I did not take it seriously at first. When the pain persisted I began to suspect it was more than a spasm. Around 6:30pm I walked into emergency at Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, Ontario to discover that I was having a heart attack. Thanks to the emergency staff at the hospital I was quickly diagnosed and administered a clot-busting drug, and sent by ambulance to the Heart Institute in Ottawa where a stent was placed in a heart artery. The Doctor who preformed the procedure told me that the Doctor and nurses at Glengarry Memorial had saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I just don’t know what else to say, and I will always be grateful. As well, I am truly grateful to the Ottawa Heart Institute. Are we ever fortunate to have Canada’s best Heart Hospital in our own back yard. What a fantastic Institution!

I would also like to say a word of thanks to Fr. Kelvin for his Pastoral Care – and just being there for me during this scary time.

I am now back at St. Mary’s Rectory taking it easy while  my body adjusts to some medications, and my heart muscle heals. Say a prayer that all continues to go well, and that I will be back to my ministry early in the New Year. (I will still be posting to the web during my time of recovery.)

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