Review of Web Service and Activities

I have not been posting since my heart attack, and am now trying to figure out, if I will continue blogging, and how much.

Here is a list of my main activities on the web:

1)  and bulletin

2) Fr. Bob’s Corner

3) Fr. Bob’s Homilies

If you visit any of these sites and find them useful, I would appreciate some feedback. Please contact me at or

I will not be posting for the next month, but I look forward to any advice or feedback you may have to offer. In about a month I will post a summary of any feedback, and let you know the future direction of my blogging activity.

God Bless,

Fr. Bob MacDonald

2 thoughts on “Review of Web Service and Activities

  1. Hi Father Bob,

    Hope you are feeling better and back to work.

    I’ve put your blog on the home page of the website and several people have commented favorably on it so hopefully you will continue with it.

    God Bless.



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