Condoms Encourage A Sense of Invulnerability – Africa’s Bishops Report

John Allen who is following the Pope throughout Africa and attempting to give us a real feel and insight into what he sees, hears, and feels posted this on March 18, 2009. It tends to confirm what the Harvard Center reported in my previous post.

Benedict talks to journalists during his flight from Rome to Africa March 17. (CNS/ Reuters)

Yaoundè, Cameroon
Pope Benedict XVI’s claim yesterday that condoms actually aggravate the problem of AIDS may seem an explosive claim internationally, but it’s barely made a ripple here — in part, because it simply repeats an argument made so often by Africa’s Catholic bishops that it long ago lost any shock value.

In a nutshell, the bishops’ position — expressed both by individual prelates and by whole conferences — is that wide availability of condoms encourages a sense of invulnerability among Africans, especially the young, that leads to riskier sexual behavior and increases the possibility of infection.

While the bishops may be nearly unanimous in that judgment, other Africans who spoke to NCR today didn’t seem quite so sure.

Read the rest at NCR:

Pope’s condom message resonates with many | National Catholic Reporter

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