Youth Rally in Angola with Pope

I captured a few pictures from the EWTN Broadcast of the Youth Rally with The Pope. It was a glorious meeting filled with African Music, Welcoming Messages, Youth Testimonies, and a short speech by Pope Benedict encouraging the youth to be faithful to their Christian Identity. He challenged the youth to make life long decisions and commitments – the true test of real maturity in every age: Dare to make definite decisions – life long commitments, and don’t give in to doubt, corruption, and hedonism. You are the seed – the seed of the new City, the New Jerusalem, he said, and the only way to grow the seed is to die to love. Bring to life the Holy City, the Pope challenged, as the crowds applauded enthusiastically. Towards the end of the event a young man in a wheel chair came on to the stage with the Pope and sang a moving song to Jesus My Friend. The young man appeared to have been crippled during the recent civil war, and as he sang I’m sure many a tear of thanksgiving and hope were shed as he made God’s love strong and visible.

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Image 31 ScreenPrint32 v91

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ScreenPrint32 v321 Fullscreen capture 3212009 81236 PM

Fullscreen capture 3212009 80014 PMFullscreen capture 3212009 81125 PM 

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