Bishop Gary Gordon – A Call to Mission.

Bishop Gary Gordon has been the Bishop of the Diocese of Whitehorse since 2006. Hear his Call to mission, See his tour of the countryside, meet his dog Kelly, and enjoy a little bit of church in this part of beautiful Canada.


Additional Pictures of the Bishop:

Bishop Gary Gordon and dog Bishop Gary Gordon elecc

Bishop Gary Gordon

13 thoughts on “Bishop Gary Gordon – A Call to Mission.

  1. Hello Bishop Gordon;
    I just wanted to let you know that my Dad, Bob Hutcheon passed away in January in Chilliwack.  I think my mother Faye would really appreciate a message from you via email.  She's holding up pretty well but she's pretty fragile and hearing from you would sure help.  Her email is  Thanks.  Bobbie-Anne.


  2. Your excellency,

    Greetings in the Good Lord.

    I have seen the profile of your diocese and I saw that you are in need of vocation to priesthood. I was a former Oblate in the Philippines from 2004-2007. I am considering to apply to the seminary again after my contract for I am a contract worker here in Edmonton. I learned about you from a pious woman here in Edmonton who came to confession to you and who is praying for your intention. You asked her to pray that your diocese may have more vocation for priesthood.

    I would appreciate if you can email me at to know what I can do or will you grace me of your email address if I call up your diocese not later than October 2010.

    Looking forward to your gracious response your excellency.


  3. Hi Bishop Gary Gordon, this is a very touching video. I just lost my husband Howard Smith, son of the late Annie Jim, on March 17th, I had Father John Tritchler come do the service, since he was the one that married us on Dec. 7, 1974 in Mission, St. Mary’s Residential Church. Sure wish we had a church on our community of Baptiste Smith I.R. 1B. It sure looks like beautiful country where you are now, but looks too cold me me also. We just got more snow up here in Whislter, in the last couple of days, now the sun is shining, but real windy. But anywasy Bishop Gordon, I just wanted to say how much you are missed by all our people from In-SHUCK-ch Territory. Take care now.


  4. Great video, great invitation to people of all ages, to come and join you in your Mission. Thank you, Beaver, for putting me in touch with my friend now Bishop in Whitehorse.


  5. Hi there it is greatscenery up there and i am sorry but i do not think you could get me to come there with that kind of weather., to cold forme and the snow yes it is beautiful and fun to play in but I can only handle snow for a couple of days. Of course if my grandson is withme then i will watch him play and have fun, just like you watch your Kelly.


  6. Hey Father Gary, How are yah — great photo’s – the video was awesome – you live in some beautiful country. We are all doing okay here – Jan got to run the torch with the First Nation Snowboard Team and Chelsea did as well. Mom and Dad are okay – Dad’s not great but not really bad either – he has his ups and downs. Chelan is not well – going through many tests to determine cause and cure for severe migranes and has to go to specialist for test for lymphoma – we are worried but we are sure she will be okay. I am happy to see you so happy and your dog too. Take care and know that we think of you often

    Bob and Becky Hall


  7. WOW! It was so awesome to see you on this video, you look very happy. We miss you so much here in Chilliwack. The people there are very lucky to have such an awesome person in there community to help them and guide them and give them your words of wisdom.
    Love and God Bless
    Theresa and Rick May


  8. Hello Bishop Gary,
    it was so nice to be able to see and hear you on the video. You really look happy up there in the crisp clean and cool country. We loved the serenity of the North when we lived in the Dawson Creek/Grand Prairie/Peace River area many years ago when we were a lot younger.

    Although we were not here in Chilliwack long enough to really get to know you before you left, we do miss seeing you around and of course loved your from the heart sermons. Celty is so happy, we could tell, seeing him roll in the snow like that was moving, as dogs just love to do that. And of course you are right in the part of the world where the fishing is great as well as the finest scenery in the universe.
    This video should excite the hearts and minds of the young, especially the part about cell phones etc…ha ha ha I would like to escape that too!! Thanks to Father David for letting us know about the video…….if I knew how, I would e-mail this video to my relatives and friends in Ottawa and Toronto. I know I will figure it out.

    Love and prayers,
    Adam and Rena Sieben


  9. Hallo Bishop Gary,
    what a wonderful opportunity to be able to see you so well established now and enjoy the outdoors with Celty.
    Your call for help has been sent and I am sure that it will reach the ears of some youngsters or couples willing to dedicate some years of their life to God and specifically to help you in your great job to bring God’s word to everyone in that remote and vast Country.
    I wish I was younger!!!! Rest assure of my and my family prayers. God Bless


  10. Bishop Gary, a very touching and inspirational video, your voice is soothing and warm you continue to bring hope to us all, in your short video you answered my prayers, say yes and move forward doing our part. Put our trust in the Lord for he will never leave us! So Thank-you and God Bless you and the community of Whitehorse.


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