A Mass You’ll Never Forget

I was reviewing the links on the parish website (bvmparish.com) when an article on John Allen’s widget caught my eye. The title read: “In Brazil, one catholic mass you will never forget.” Intrigued, I clicked for the full article which described in great detail a Mass celebrated in an old factory by a Padre Marcelo Rossi. After reading the article, I googled the the good Padre and confirmed that he was a household name across Brazil with super-star status and rock star events. And, indeed, every age group(male and female) was responding, as the article stated.

I’m posting some links on Padre Rossi so that you can see what is happening in Brazil. I suspect you will have mixed reactions as did the readers of John Allen’s article which I post here for you to read also. Here is one video of many that you can view to sense the flavor, and here is another link to several videos. If you want more just google. Before you watch anything, I suggest you read about John Allen’s experience.


What do I think you may ask? Well, I too have mixed reactions, and I am still pondering the great human need that bursts forth periodically in the church for moments of great spiritual emotion and celebration. Does it change lives? Like everything else it really depends on the individual. Is this the way to go? Personally, I think I’ve been there and done that in other ways, today I’m in a different place. Where are you , and what do you think?

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