Matthew Kelly – A Call to Joy – A Presentation in Cornwall

Matthew Kelly thumbnail Matthew Kelly is coming to Cornwall as part of our Diocesan Speaker Series this fall. Who is Matthew Kelly, you might ask? Well the best way to tell you is to show you. In March of 2009 he gave a mission at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish – Chandler Arizona (Theme: The Genius of Catholicism). Major segments of this mission were filmed and now appear as Videos on the parish website. In The Genius of Catholicism, Matthew Kelly talks about the 7 pillars of Catholic spirituality and challenges us to discover the relevance of Catholicism for modern problems, happiness, and day-to-day living. He challenges his listeners to be the best version of themselves – and to recognize and open their hearts to all their Catholic faith has to offer. The presentation will take place at St. Joe’s – General Vanier Auditorium on December 15th, 2009. For Further details please visit our Diocesan Website.


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