Global Take Over By The Internet

I remember when the Fax Machine was the big new controversial event in business, and the parish. No need to mail out documents, just fax them. I think we got our first fax machine in our Diocese in the mid 80’s. Well twenty-five year’s later there is a new kid on the block – the global block – and it is taking over in ways the fax generation couldn’t even imagine. John Allen, the Catholic columnist, puts it this way: “The Internet is both the leading symbol of the globalized world as well as one of its primary drivers. In 1995, according to the Web site “Internet World Stats,” there were 16 million Internet users in the world, representing .04 percent of the global population; as of June 2007, there were 1.13 billion users, or 17.2 percent of the world, remarkable growth in little more than a decade. According to the Worldwide Online Population Forecast, by 2011 roughly 1.8 billion people will be logging on, representing 22 percent of the global population – almost one-quarter of all people on earth.”

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