Sister Pauline Doherty – Rest in Peace

PaulineDoherty Sister Pauline Doherty of Our Lady’s Missionaries died yesterday (Nov.20, 2009) evening at Providence Health Care. She had been ill for a few years but in hospital only for a short time. Sister Pauline celebrated her 50th Anniversary in 2003. Sister, also a nurse, lived a life devoted to helping the sick, and rejoiced that God had gifted her with the health to do so for so many years. She served in Brazil, Nigeria, and Canada. On her profile page of Our Lady’s Missionaries web site she states that her motivation was to “help in foreign missions.” When asked what made her grateful, she stated: I am grateful to my family, Our Lady’s Missionaries and for my good health. Sister’s generosity of spirit will be remembered and mourned by her friends, family, and all that she reached out to in Christian love.


A wake will be held at OLM’s Leander Court House on Tuesday afternoon and evening, and the funeral Mass will be celebrated at the Chapel of Scarboro Missions on Wednesday morning. Let us remember Sister Pauline Doherty in our prayers, and at Mass this weekend. May she rest in peace.

One thought on “Sister Pauline Doherty – Rest in Peace

  1. We are blessed for the time we had shared with you, you were an amazing teacher and mentor- your warmth and wisdom will live on in the hearts of many. We will miss you very much…

    Love always and forever,
    Daniel, Sarah and Oliver Doherty


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