First Sunday of Advent

Advent Picture H.

Each advent is like the dawn of a new morning. It is a time of hope, expectation, and mystery. The morning dawn is a great symbol for the light of God’s Kingdom. It begins almost invisibly  amidst the darkness of the night sky. On crystal clear nights it also happens amidst the glorious twinkling of a thousand stars that inspire the human heart. Advent is a time to be inspired in time by the past, present, and future. May the days of advent be a blessing to us all, helping us to remember all that is good and loving in our lives. May they be days that teach us to wait in prayer as we journey through the darkness and the light – the good and the bad. And, may they be days that inspire hope in our hearts, trust in the Lord, and God’s loving ways. This advent may our hearts be united in joyful hope, as we pray: Lord Jesus, Come in Glory – Come Lord Jesus, Come in glory! Link to my homily thoughts for this Sunday.

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