Christmas Trees, The Vatican, and Two Popes

Christmas Trees have been a part of my Christmas for 65 years. I can’t imagine Christmas without one. Yet, it was only in 1982 that John Paul II recognized the tradition. In that year John Paul II requested that a Christmas tree adorn StVatican Christmas Tree Peter’s Square during the Christmas Season, and one has enhanced the square every Christmas since. On December the 4th, 2009 a 100ft tree was put in place in the square. The official lighting ceremony took place on December 18th. Pope Benedict admired the tree and made the following comments:

"In the forest," the Holy Father said, "the trees are close together and each one of them contributes to making the forest a shadowy, sometimes dark, place."
"But here," he continued, "chosen from among this multitude, the majestic tree that you offered us is today lit up and covered with brilliant decorations that are like so many marvellous fruits."
"Leaving aside its dark garments for a brilliant explosion, it has been transfigured, becoming a beacon of light that is not its own, but rather gives testimony to the true Light that comes to this world," To read more on this go to

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