Inspiring Words of Hope

Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis preached a homily at a special Mass for Haitians on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Here is an excerpt that inspires hope, courage, and a Christian response:

“Jesus waits for us today as he waited for the leper in today’s Gospel whom he was so willing to heal. He waits for us in our disbelief and sadness and touches our hearts with his love that we might have the courage to reach out to our brothers and sisters — for when the body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. He waits for us in the Eucharist and desires to feed us that we might be strengthened for the journey no matter what the task. He invites us to act as disciples helping in any way possible that in us people will see the face of Christ.

Today he waits for the people of Haiti that he might carry them in their mourning and loss. Without Christ there is no hope and without Christ there is only loss and no redemption. Today Jesus embraces the people of Haiti and invites us to do the same — through our prayer and charity and any way possible!”  Archbishop Robert J. Carlson – Archbishop of St. Louis.

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