Something Different

Sarah Reinhard

Sarah Reinhard describes herself as a catholic wife, mother, writer, convert, and farm girl. She has a blog called,, and is a regular columnist on This Lent she is doing a little something different by posting a series called, a different perspective. I’m not sure what will be said by the author of this series, a woman called Brittany, but if you are trying to understand a little more about faith, and the lack of faith in others, it might be a good read. Only two posts have been made so far, and it is hard to tell where it is all going. Sarah Reinhard is definitely a staunch catholic, and so I am cautiously recommending this little series. Will it be helpful in understanding those who have little or no faith remains to be seen, but I suspect that she will be able to inspire some insights into the world of agnosticism, and lost faith. 

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