New Vatican Blog

Vatican Blog

Getting News and Information from the Vatican just got a whole lot easier and simpler in the last few days. The Vatican has launched a new blog on blogspot or blogger (a free blogging service operated by Google) which provides easy up-to-date information on the Pope and the Vatican in general. The name of this new blog is VIS. The Vatican has also transferred information from its main web site dating back to 1999. EWTN reports:  “The new site offers Vatican Information Service (VIS) press releases to the user in an easy-to-read blog format which is to be updated daily at 3 p.m. Rome time. The same information is available on a free subscription basis sent by email to interested parties and continues to be available on Holy See’s website.”
Zenit states: “So far, the blog has some 35,000 news items on the Pope and the Holy See.”
Spanish journalist Miguel Castellvi, VIS director, told ZENIT. "Yesterday we had 9,532 visits: 6,216 to the blog in English, 1,562 to the Italian, 1,017 to the Spanish and 737 to the French."

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