Helping Children Cope With Human Suffering

Adults often have difficulty dealing with catastrophes and human suffering, and children do also. Because they are young and inexperienced their reactions can be very developmentally harmful and devastating, if adults don’t recognize, understand, and intervene in appropriate ways. Some children even end up with distorted views of God. In this week’s edition of America Magazine, Medical Doctor Pat Fosarelli provides some useful insights into the fearful feelings and reactions of many of our children to human suffering, and offers some suggestions on how caregivers can help. Dr. Pat states, “Over the last 15 years or so, I have surveyed more than 7,000 children and teens regarding their ideas about God and God’s relationship to our world. One of the questions invited respondents to ask God any question they wished. More than 98 percent of the questions these children and teens posed were not flippant or cute, but were serious questions about themselves or our troubled world.” America Magazine


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