Trinity Sunday – The Divine Fire Within

This weekend we celebrate Trinity Sunday. It can become every preachers nightmare, If it is approached from the point of view of doctrine and theology. Ultimately, no matter how hard we try, we always fall short when we try to explain and make sense of  ‘three persons in one God.” Preachers and meditators might consider approaching this feast from the point of view of spirituality. Trinity Sunday can be a time to explore the mystery of God, being human, and  something that Fr. Ronald Rolheiser calls, ‘the divine fire within’. He states: "We humans are infinite spirits in a finite situation, and that’s a sure formula for restlessness. You want to make love to the whole world, you want to consume the planet but you’re confined to one person, one place. … These energies — this divine fire —make up our spirit. How we direct that spirit is spirituality. Our spirit is restless because it’s divine and insatiable."

I haven’t totally figured out my homily for this Sunday, but after listening to Fr. Rolheiser interview on the NCR website, I think that with a little thought, prayer and meditation, his words and insights will be a great help. Anyway, I hope many of you will find this two part interview to be insightful and spiritually inspiring.


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