Bus Crash Switzerland – SURVIORS

See previous posts for initial information. Update- 3:08pm, Saturday, June 12, 2010: I just had a call from a gentlemen in my parish who was speaking to two of his sisters who were on the bus crash in Switzerland. Both his sisters, Connie and Leona, are at a hotel and are OK. Fr. Tom Villeneuve and his sister are in the hospital, but are reported to be be doing well, and not too seriously injured. As I get further information, I will update to this post. 4:00 pm – Just received world that Carl R. (St. Raphael’s Parish)  and Gail W. (St. Andrew’s Parish) are OK. 6:00pm – Update on two more that are OK: Yvonne. B. (St. Anthony’s) and Claire M. (St. Andrew’s). Let us continue to pray for all survivors and victims of this terrible tragedy.

7:00pm Fr. Tom’s sister (Adele Major) speaks to Globe and Mail:

“But it appears the passengers were travelling with the Jolly Tours and Travel company from Cornwall, Ont.

Adele Major’s sister and brother — retired Rev. Thomas Villeneuve — were both in the crash.

She said they’d taken the company’s Grand Alpine Tour, which featured a performance of ‘The Passion Play’ in Upper Bavaria and took the tourists through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein.

“They’re both in hospital, they’re in for a few days with minor injuries,” Major said from her home in Cornwall.

“They were shaken. My brother didn’t seem to remember too much, maybe he was knocked out — I’m not sure. He seems to be OK.”

Major said she spent most of the day scrambling to gather details on the state of her siblings.

“It’s hard when you don’t know and you can’t reach anybody,” she said, her voice breaking.” Full Globe Article

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