Deacon and Daughter: Write Book About God and Life


Does God really matter? For some, God not only does not matter – God is superstition – God is rules – God is ……….

QUOTE: “Why God Matters-How to Recognize Him in Daily Life by Karina Lumbert Fabian and Deacon Steven Lumbert is a Catholic living story filled with life journeys shared by this daughter and father duo. Why God Matters reminds us to draw faith from the ordinary daily life and through shared family experiences.”(Blog Review: Simply Stacy)

I just downloaded this book to my new KINDLE. It really sounds interesting and inspiring. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished reading it. Maybe you would like to read it too, and let frbobscorner know what you think. It is pretty inexpensive: $2.99 – Kindle version, versus $15.99 + tax – print version.

[My first impressions of my new reading device is that a KINDLE is a real aid for anyone with certain types of vision problems. The new Kindle seems pretty easy on the eyes. You can increase font size. There is no glare with the new ink technology, And, when your eyes get sore or give out, it will even read to you. And a hidden bonus is that books are often much cheaper.]

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