Lenten Appeal by Bishop Paul-André Durocher – Share Lent Collection for Development and Peace

Cornwall, March 29, 2011

To all the Faithful of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall :

Next week, we will hold the annual Share Lent collection, the proceeds of which are given to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. This organization, set up more than forty years ago by the Bishops of Canada, is dedicated to transforming the world in view of the Kingdom of justice, peace and joy which Christ came to inaugurate among us.

We are all quite aware of the many situations of poverty and injustice that exist across our planet, especially in what we call the Third World. Our Christian faith calls us to alleviate the symptoms of this poverty by coming to the help of those who suffer most. It also invites us to eradicate the causes of this poverty by involving ourselves in the development of a more just world. Development and Peace acts on both these fronts, through its emergency help when major disasters occasionally strike our planet, as well as through its education and action programs both in Canada and in the Third World.

With the help of the Bishops of Canada, Development and Peace is committed to integrating the whole of the Church’s social and ethical doctrine so that all its projects and services will reflect the convictions that we share as disciples of Christ. I invite you to collaborate in the work of the bishops by supporting Development and Peace through your generous contribution next Sunday to the Share Lent collection.

With the assurance of my prayer and blessing,

+ Paul-André Durocher

Update: I am updating this post with a Newsletter sent out by Development and Peace today (April 7, 2011)

(This message was read at all the masses across our Diocese on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.)

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