Fifth Sunday of Easter (C)–Homily Story


Jesus by Gustav Dore

Painting of Jesus by Paul Gustave Doré

Bishop Daniel Kasoma of Kenya gives us this story for the Fifth Sunday of Easter-C to help demonstrate Jesus commandment to Love one another. It is by this that we will inspire and demonstrate to the world who we are:  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13; 34-35)

STORY: “The renowned artist Paul Gustave Doré  once lost his passport while travelling in Europe. When he came to a border crossing, he explained his predicament to one of the guards. Giving his name to the official, Dore hoped he would be recognized and allowed to pass. The guard, however, said that many people attempted to cross the border by claiming to be persons they were not. Dore insisted that he was the man he claimed to be. “All right,” said the official, “we’ll give you a test, and if you pass it we’ll allow you to go through.” Handing him a pencil and a sheet of paper, he told the artist to sketch several peasants standing nearby. Dore did it so quickly and skilfully that the guard was convinced he was indeed who he claimed to be. His action confirmed his identity.”

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