Pope Francis–Capitalism and Globalization

Fr. Thomas Reese SJ, the former editor of ‘America Magazine,’ and  author of ‘Inside the Vatican: The Politics and Organization of the Catholic Church’, has written an article for the National Catholic Reporter. In his article he tries to deduce how Pope Francis views capitalism, globalization, and jobs from quotes from Cardinal Bergoglio’s recent book, ‘On Heaven and Earth.’

In his article, Fr. Reese states: His (Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis) critique of capitalist systems is not just economic and political; it is also theological because “it tames religion so that it does not bother Capitalism too much.” It fosters a worldly spirit that forgets “the act of adoring God means to submit to His will, to His justice, to His law, and to His prophetic inspiration.” Capitalism, he wrote, fosters “a civilization of consumerism, of hedonism, of political arrangements between the powers or political sectors, [and] the reign of money.”

But his strongest words come in criticizing capitalism’s treatment of workers: “There is no worse dispossession,” he wrote, “than not being able to earn one’s own bread, than being denied the dignity of work.”

(Full Article)

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