The Monarchs of Money – Report by Neil MacDonald (CBC)

Monarchs of Money

I usually don’t post on topics like this, but this is indeed something that should be part of everyday discussions.  This small documentary reveals how a small few can and do effect the life of all on our small planet.

Here is a link to a CBC documentary: “The Monarchs of Money.”  It is a trip into an unknown secret world that most of us know or hear very little about. I don’t know why the content of this documentary is not a hot discussion topic in our Newspapers and TV News Programs. It is indeed a secretive world we live in today!

In summary. “Monarch’s of Money,” is about a mysterious topic called, “quantitative easing .” It involves nine central bankers meeting in Switzerland every two months and deciding how much money to print – known as cheap money. Are these nine people building the world’s economies on sand and hoping beyond hope that the whole enterprise of  “quantitative easing” doesn’t end in a worldwide economic collapse? Some money experts are predicting catastrophe! It sure sounds like the makings of a nightmare to me. I invite you to view this short video and leave your feedback. In the U.S. alone apparently 89 billion dollars is being printed each and everyday.

The Monarchs of Money – The National – CBC Player.

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