Brazilian Motor Cyclist and the Pope

Pope and Cyclist

A Young Brazilian, travelling across Europe on his motor cycle, was given an opportunity to meet Pope Francis after he wrote a letter to him requesting a visit. “I didn’t come here as a Catholic or a religious person,” Martins said. “But since I saw him at the time of his election, his simplicity and humility, I felt a desire to approach him. When he went to the island of Lampedusa, I was astonished by the generosity of his heart toward those poor immigrants who sometimes die as they try to come by sea from Africa to Italy. He is very simple. He is someone who cares about others in a way that is not only his duty or the job he does, but that is personal. I am always touched by the simple acts he performs. Now that I have met him, I will send another letter to him, thanking him.” Read a full account of his visit.

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