Living Alone

Alone toothbrush

CBC’s Doc Zone is presently hosting a video called, ‘Living Alone’. It explores the pro’s and con’s of  this new and unprecedented social phenomenon of people living solo. Realtors, the travel industry, the food industry, etc.. are adapting and catering to this radically new societal change to cope and prosper. How the Church will respond to this new way of living remains to be seen. In Genesis, God said after creating Adam, “It is not good for man to be alone,’ and so God created Eve. Do you understand what is happening and why? I have some ideas, but I was absolutely unaware that 100,000 Americans are presently single: (61% of these singles were never married and nearly all (55%) never intend to marry.) I suspect a similar trend in Canada and across the western world.  View ‘Living Alone’

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