Canadian Mining Corporations – Scandalous Situation

This evening I began a Google search of “Canadian Mining Abuse” and similar wording to see what was happening at home and abroad. What I found was shocking and absolutely scandalous. Pope Francis is asking us to reach out to to the poor. If Canadians are to respond to his invitation, we have quite a challenge a head of us with regards to Canadian Mining Policies. ( Pope Francis’ Message on Mining – Sept/ 13, 2013). Please do a little Google search yourself to find out what is actually going on. (Canadian Bishops’ Message 2007 & 2013)

This fall Development and Peace is taking up the issue so I refer you to their “Fall Campaign” and also present a video they have made recently to introduce you to the mining issue. I would also invite you to visit the KAIROS website to view their video, and finally the United Church of Canada website.

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