Mining Counsellor Resigns – A Do Nothing Government Office.



Before reading this post on Marketa Evans, you might want to read a previous post on this issue to put it in context: CANADIAN MINING CORPORATIONS – SCANDALOUS SITUATION.

On October 18, the CSR Counsellor, Marketa Evans, quietly resigned after four years in the position. No news release, no information about her departure on the official website of the office. *(If the link to Marketa Evans does not work cut and paste this url into your browser: ) In four years she did not mediate any of the six cases brought before her, and none of the complainants received remedy. I know of two print media reports on her resignation: The Ottawa Citizen (October 31, 2013) – here is a link to a modified version of the article, and the Canadian Business Magazine (Volume 86, Issue 20-December 9, 2013). To read the full article you will need to purchase a copy. Here is a brief quote from the article entitled, A GOVERNMENT OFFICE THAT DOES ALMOST NOTHING – MINING MEDIATION COUNSELLOR RESIGNS WITH LITTLE TO SHOW FOR HER EFFORTS:  “Today the office has no cases in progress. With total operating expenses of about $400,000 a year it hasn’t broken the bank. But it hasn’t fulfilled its mandate, either. Although Ottawa and industry associations continue supporting it, a consortium of activist groups called the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability has begun campaigning for an ombudsman reminiscent of that proposed by Mackay years earlier.  –Matthew McClearn

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