Jesuit Education–Evaluating


A man who attended a Jesuit school in 1970 wrote on a website: “One summer during my high school years, I found a booklet from 1964, commemorating the 50th anniversary of my Jesuit high school. It was a homily for the 50th anniversary mass for the school, and the preacher used as his symbol the Owl, which is the mascot of our school, the classical symbol of wisdom. The priest imagined all of the graduates of our school standing in front of the Regis Owl, which was taking stock of their lives. And we too, as we listen to these words—let’s imagine all of us in this room, and perhaps all 3 million graduates of Jesuit schools, standing together while the Wise Owl surveys us and our lives…..

Jesuit Networking – The real measure of our Schools.

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