Faith – Lost and Confused by Life

For many growing up is a time of stability and certainty. If we have been raised in the faith, it is normal and easy to think we have a firm handle on life. But, as we face human life’s losses, sufferings, illnesses, tragedies, brutalities, and all in life that confronts us with suffering and death, we can find ourselves lost in confusion – even betrayal and abandonment. “God help me,” we cry out! It is the cry of the very human Jesus: “My God, My God, why have you abandon me?

It is in our pain and confusion that we begin to distrust ourselves, and also God. It is in these  terrifying moments that we truly identify with the two disciples on the ‘Road to Emmaus’. Yet, It is in these situations that God’s grace merciful opens our hearts to the eternal! But, if we remember the prophet Job – it takes TIME!

I posted this song a few weeks ago, and I post it again. Listen, maybe you will find yourself in this woman’s agony. Leave a a comment – let others know how you deal with mortality.

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