“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.”-Thomas Merton

Black Sheep

“While the images of the Good Shepherd are tranquil and frequently set in a pastoral setting, the life of a shepherd in Jesus’ time was anything but calm and picturesque. Shepherding was a risky business and dangerous. Shepherds lived in the fields with their sheep. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture their appearance and imagine their smell! Because they came and went, leading their sheep from one pasture to another, they lacked roots in the community. So, they were always under suspicion. If something went missing the first suspects were the vagabond shepherds. Because of their reputation their testimony was not accepted in a court of law. Jesus, calling himself the “Good Shepherd,” would have been an affront to the establishment, especially the religious leaders and educated citizens. What would he call himself today? The good illegal immigrant?” (Father Jude Siciliano)

Let us take comfort in God’s love for us, as we celebrate this fourth Sunday of Easter. Let us Remember the old hymn, ‘Yes Jesus Loves me, Yes Jesus Loves Me.’  Let this be our mantra. Let us absorb God’s love, and feel the warmth of God’s comforting embrace. Let us also share this love with others!

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