Pope Francis – Walks the Talk

Frayed Cassock

La Republica provides this picture and commentary: “Next to the plastic watch and the iron cross, there is now the fraying tunic. In a photo taken during the visit of Pope Francis to Ostia, on the Roman coast, it is visible that the Pope’s vestment is getting worn. This particular was zoomed in on and shared on social networks.”

“A small detail, certainly. But indicative of the pastoral style of Bergoglio. The black shoes he has worn since his election, the simple cross of metal, the ring of the fisherman in silver and a very simple watch on his wrist: a Swatch, a basic model, giving the date but with no other special function. It costs about 50 euros. It is said that when the watch broke, it was not easy to conveince him to buy a new one. He wanted to change only the strap, and ‘gave in’ to buying a new one only after he was assured that a new one, identical to the old one, would not cost more than changing the watch-band.”

Reported and translated by Robert Moynihan

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