Quote from blog of  Archbishop Mark Coleridge:

“After we’d finished the interventions by Synod members, we heard from a few of the lay auditors which was a welcome change of style, pace and tone. Perhaps we’ve needed to hear more from married people in this Synod. It was something I suggested during the “free” discussion. I started by mentioning what was said to me by an Australian couple who were auditors at last year’s Synod. They were keen to stress that this was a Synod about sexuality. The same thing was said to me in a different way by one of the lay experts at this Synod: his point was that a great deal of the reconciliation and healing that a marriage requires happens in the sexual relationship. I thought too of what another couple in Australia had said to me not long ago – that the trinity upon which their married life is built is the bed, the table and the altar.So sexuality is at the heart of it, which is why it’s also at the heart of this Synod. But that’s not immediately obvious when you read the working document and listen to the interventions. Sexuality has been mentioned, but it’s tended to be muted and abstract – which is perhaps not surprising given the composition of the Synod assembly. I went on to reflect, as I’ve done in Brisbane, that the Eucharist is in some sense sexual. At its epicentre are the words of Christ: “This is my body given for you”. This is what redeemed sexuality is – as distinct from unredeemed sexuality which says: “This is your body taken for me”. If the Eucharist is in some sense sexual, so too is married sexuality in some sense Eucharistic. We need to explore that connection more deeply, and in that task married couples have to lead the way.”

Source: On the Road Together – Local and universal – Archdiocese of Brisbane

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