Synod on the Family – Confusion becomes Chaos


(I am sorry Dr. Moynihan, but your suggestion (2), in my opinion, would turn confusion into chaos.)

Dr. Robert Moynihan Writes:

“In the midst of the apparent confusion of the present Bishops’ Synod on the Family, with priavte letters from cardinals being published, and tape-recorded conversations being mis-heard by journalists, then published, then (honorably) retracted, would it not perhaps be prudent to do two things:

(1) to take a sort of “time out” from the interminable conversations for a full day, a full 24 hours, dedicated only to silence and prayer, and to the invocation of the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance?

(2) to ask Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, who is still living in the Vatican Gardens, hidden from the world, and dedicated to daily prayer for the Church and for all souls in the world, at the end of those 24 hours, to offer his own words of guidance, on this one occasion, to the Church that he led from 2005 until 2013?”

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