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Here’s a clip from his debut with Jon Stewart. Topic: Africa

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Recently Ordained Priest Provides Refuge Muslims i n Africa


In the chaos of the Central African Republic, peace remains an illusion. But amidst the sectarian killings, the mob lynchings and mutilations, there are still some heroes. One of them is Catholic priest Xavier-Arnauld Fagba, who opened his church doors to protect nearly 700 Muslims from near-certain death.

“They didn’t have anyone to help them,” said Father Fagba, 31, who became a priest just four months ago. Read More

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill: Religous, Political, Cultural, and International Background

I haven’t been able to read the Bill, but it seems that the lives of this minority of Uganda’s population are in jeopardy. This morning a Tabloid Newspaper by the name of “RED PEPPER, listed 200 supposedly gay people – including one RC Priest. In many cases there appears to be no proof, but the allegations pretty well make these people criminals. Are things just beginning to heat up, I suspect so!

For some insight, as to how and why this Bill got passed, read Jason Burner’s article in Religion and Politics.

A South African Jesuit Remembers Nelson Mandela

anthony_egan Fr. Anthony Egan is a native of South Africa and provides insight into Nelson Mandela’s life and his impact on  the people of South  Africa: Link to an  Article in America Magazine.(Anthony Egan, S.J., a member of the Jesuit Institute South Africa, in Johannesburg, teaches South African history for the Fordham University Ubuntu Exchange Program at the University of Pretoria and lectures part-time at the universities of the Witwateersrand and Saint Augustine College.`

Burundi – Canadian Development and Peace

Visit Development and Peace to hear, see, and learn more, and to help by sending an internet message of
support. Earlier this fall, delegates of Development and Peace and a group of Canadian Bishops visited a number of partners in Burundi and witnessed the complex challenges that continue to face the country. The situation in Burundi
• It is estimated that 400,000 lives have been lost over the last 16 years due to civil war and ethnic violence.
• Sixty percent of Burundi’s population are children, many of whom have lost their parents.
• There are 400,000 refugees trying to return to their country and rebuild their lives.