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Vulnerable Hearts- The Craving for Mercy

Made in God’s image we all crave love and the tender compassion and mercy of our Creator. Pope Francis and Oscar Romero show us how to imitate Christ, and challenge us to reach out in merciful comforting compassion to those longing for God’s tender embrace. It is the embrace of the Father for his Prodigal Son. It is an evangelizing embrace of grace that inspires thankfulness, and joyful conversion and repentance.

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God’s mercy

Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s challenge to all of us not to be stingy with mercy.

Early on in my ministry, I lived in a rectory with a saintly old priest. He was over 80, nearly blind, but widely sought out and respected, especially as a confessor. One night, alone with him, I asked him this question: “If you had your priesthood to live over again, would you do anything differently?” From a man so full of integrity, I fully expected that there would be no regrets. So his answer surprised me. Yes, he did have a regret, a major one, he said: “If I had my priesthood to do over again, I would be easier on people the next time. I wouldn’t be so stingy with God’s mercy, with the sacraments, with forgiveness. I fear I’ve been too hard on people. They have pain enough without me and the Church laying further burdens on them. I should have risked God’s mercy more.”

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