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Archbishop decrees an end to eulogies at Ottawa-area Catholic funerals | National Post

Arguing that a Catholic funeral is no place to offer “high praise” to the deceased, the Archdiocese of Ottawa has decreed an end to the longstanding practice of allowing eulogies at Ottawa-area Catholic funerals.

“Contrary to popular belief,” reads a February church decree, “eulogies or words of remembrance are not an official part of Catholic funeral rites.

“In the Christian funeral, we gather not to praise the deceased, but to pray for them.” Read More: Archbishop decrees an end to eulogies at Ottawa-area Catholic funerals | National Post

The New Roman Missal – Canada – First Update

I am beginning to hear questions and to sense some real excitement about the New Roman Missal. It is hoped that here in Canada we will be able to begin using the new missal at Mass this Advent. There is some information on the New Missal on the CCCB website. Here is a brief quote, and you will be able to read all the information, if you visit this link.

“It is our intention that the date of implementation of the new Roman Missal will be the same as in the United States, but experience has taught us to urge caution in announcing the availability of any new print product on a specific date, especially one the size of the Missal….. So if it is humanly possible, we will be ready for an Advent 2011 implementation.”


April 4, 2011 – CCCB sent email announcing the availability of Three Publications: link

If you visit this link you will be able to view a number of videos that the USCCB has put together for the American Catholic Church. (They are a little bit ahead of us, but we are not far behind. Remember this is a big Church and each Country and Conference of Bishops cannot always be on the exact same page.) Go take a look, you will get a good sense of what the New Roman Missal is all about. 

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